Pirates in Paradise 2004 - Key West

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Olaf and Deadly Aim.

Olaf offers himself up to the band at Margaritaville.

Notorious pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read are led to trial as Olaf keeps a careful watch (that's him disguised as a member of the King's army).


Paisley takes up her religious calling aboard the Wolf as she prepares to administer last rites to those walking the plank aboard the Wolf .

Black Skot takes a turn on watch beachside.

Black Skot reflects on the fate awaiting plank walkers as he prepares to drum them to their briny death.

Our winner shows great form as she walks off the plank.

Deadly Aim, Diosa and Sir Nigel celebrate survival. While Diosa showed great style swimming ashore, Deadly Aim and Sir Nigel had a bit of a problem with the shifting tides.

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