Pirates in Paradise 2004 - Key West

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The crewe mutinies and sneaks into Margaritaville to consort with other known pirates... And where was Captain?

The crewe does work from time to time - no bilges to clean, no knots to tie, but lots and lots of signs to paint.

Patrick Hand gives Merrydeath, well, a hand...


Olaf surveys the horizon for enemy vessels - as Studley looks on.

Deadly Aim and Diosa demonstrate the buddy system at Mel Fisher's.

Doc provides Animal with mouth to mouth even though he didn't look like he was having difficulty breathing.

Four of our wenches, posing at the fort. From left to right, Merrydeath, Paisley, Sheila and Diosa.

Hurricane tries to extricate himself from his net after trying to trap a cabin boy as Diosa enjoys the moment.

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