Pirates in Paradise 2004 - Key West

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Studley and Olaf bring surprises from the Carolinas to embellish our encampment at the fort.


The captain finds a nice place to rest among the treasures.

The entire crewe poses for a photo - left to right: Merrydeath, Black Skot, Doc Wanna, Olaf, Diosa, Sheila, Animal, Wrong Way, Deadly Aim, Studley, Hurricane, Sir Nigel and Paisley, as the nun

The crewe takes care of one another - at sea and on land. Here, at the Schooner bar, there's a group back rub after a hard day of pirootin'.

Olaf and Deadly Aim steal a moment while Hurricane takes a break from singing at the fort.

Awaiting boarding of the Wolf for the first annual National Walk the Plank Championships, Black Skot, Paisley, Olaf and Hurricane steal a moment to fortify at Captain Tony's.

Sporting more facial hair than his father, Captain Hurricane, Wrong Way poses during the Kid's Day at the Mel Fisher Museum.

The quatro amigos under our banner at the fort's Thieves Market.

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