Pirates in Paradise 2004 - Key West

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Deadly Aim and Hornsby take a break at the fort to strike a friendly pose.


Black Kat and Swagger pose for the chronicler beachside at the fort..

At the Tea Dance, Olaf and Studley show off their "assets" while Animal watches the locals fish dockside (yeah, that's what he's doing... sure!).

The wenches take a break from admiring the boys to pose, tankards in hand, at Atlantic Shores.

Participants in one of our three pub runs pose prior to leaving for their next port of call. Here, they're at Captain Tony's, our usual headquarters at Pirates in Paradise.

Prior to the departure of the final pub run, The Pyrates band performs poolside at the Southernmost Hotel, which is so gracious as to put us up (and put up with us) each year.

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