The Pyrates of the Coast can guarantee that we can spice up your next event, whether it's an intimate gathering of a couple friends or a convention or festival of a thousand or more.

As pirate entertainers who've brightened the lives of thousands -- young and old -- over the years, the Pyrates can offer you dependable, quality entertainment that no one else can!


Go from ho-hum to Yo-Ho!

As a troupe of performers we understand how difficult it can be to come up with something new and interesting. By now, nearly everyone's done a Hawaiian theme or Caribbean night. Ho-hum!

But we can take that "ho-hum" and turn it into a rousing "yo-ho-ho!" From the moment you first call us, our marketing specialists will work with you to develop an event your guests will long remember.

Just a few of the events we've been part of include a Pirate Feast for 400 corporate employees, a treasure hunt, a shipwreck dance, Mardi Gras Magic in Port Arthur, Texas and the Pirates in Paradise festival in Key West. We even performed in front of an orchestra, doing a mixture of live action scenes, sword fighting, audience interaction and a hilarious ending where the tuba player was guilty of stealing the treasure.

Some of our event specialties...

And what do we do at these events? Sometimes we serve as roving pirate entertainment, mixing with the crowd, posing for photos, serving as goodwill ambassadors, singing songs, making people relax and laugh and generally adding to the atmosphere. We even have a pirate dinner theatre show, complete with props and 10 actors. We're extremely good at knowing what to do next and our antics are always appropriate to the audience, young or old. If you wish, we can fire of some rounds from our authentic black powder pistols to liven up your event. We even have a cannon and some swordplay to offer. (See what we've done for some of our other clients.)

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What's in it for us?

If you're a non-profit or charitable organization we can work within your budget constraints. The truth is, we love to perform as pirates and wenches and the smiles on the faces of the people we entertain is its own reward.

And if you're a business or festival, we're still reasonably priced. We charge according to how much fun we'd have at your event. For instance, if it sounds like we're going to have a lot of fun, we're pretty inexpensive. But if we're going to have a lousy time, well, you probably can't afford us.

For appearances outside our home region (the Pacific Northwest, Washington State), we usually require airfare and accommodations for the crewe. A per diem is negotiable to cover out-of-pocket expenses. The crewe can be scaled to fit your budget, so it's pretty economical to ship us around, whether you're looking for a cast of characters to entertain on a cruise ship, a stage show of three or more hours or goodwill ambassadors.

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