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The Pyrates of the Coast offer their clients a wide range of activities to support events of any size, any place. Following is just a small sample of the endless possibilities. Most can be customized and scaled to fit your needs.


No matter which event you hold, The Pyrates of the Coast will make it a memorable one. Blending humor, impromptu songs, complimentary pirate treasures and a myriad of other piratical antics, our pirates and wenches can entertain children of all ages. We like to think of our performance as a '3-ring circus' without all the structure. Through the years, we've entertained thousands of people worldwide. And we're a band to boot. Knot for Sail performs folk standards, 50's tunes, period songs of the sea and the Caribbean-flavored sounds of Jimmy Buffett and Great Big Sea.


Everything you see above plus the options of having live black powder demonstrations or interactions. We are trained in the weapons and their safe use in any situation. We also have a cannon that can really get your guest's attention (you should see it at night). We can also provide historical and fanciful characters such as Sir Henry Morgan, buccaneer patriot and Captain Jack Sparrow.


Imagine a corporate dinner or an organization fundraiser that makes your guests part of the action. Pyrates arrive by ship, are deceived by a plotting spy, are captured by soldiers and placed on trial. Your guests are implicated as being accomplises, others are pressed into jury duty bent on a guilty verdict while others participate in a uproarious mutiny. The entire production includes a cast of 10, props and sets, and lots of improvisation. It can be customized to incorporate inside jokes and personnel.

Our shows are as varied as our clients. Shows can be tailored to meet your specific needs, but include:

Tryal of Anne Bonny and Mary Read

We have transcribed the original transcript of these two nefariouis women pirates who sailed with Jack Rackham and were later found guilty of piracy. This is a true account of how pirates (even female ones) were treated and tried in the courts of Jamaica during the height of Caribbean piracy. The witnesses are real, the drama is too, as is the stunning outcome.

Pyrates on the Raucous Seas

A comical show featuring a befuddled captain, his nefarious crew of misfits, the governor's wife, who is entralled with pirates and can hardly wait to meet one, a spy who infiltrates the crew and clubs the navigator and a Sergeant of the Guard and cabin boy who duel to the death. Who will win? Who will go to trial? And what will become of the pirates brought up from the audience who are unknowingly brought into the plot.

Pyrate Skool

The captain and his mate haven't bothered to notice that most of their crew has either deserted or died on them. When called to rise up in arms against the king's navy, they only have a limited time to train the new crew, who is pulled out of the audience and drilled on all the finer points of becoming a pirate in a hilarious play that blends scripted action with improvisation and ever changing backdrops. Conscripted pirates are taught to talk like a pirate, fight like a pirate, drink like a pirate and run like a pirate? Your audience will be rolling in the aisles as the plot unfolds.


It may seem funny but pirates of old were actually a very cohesive team. Each person had their unique role and most key decisions on a ship were made by concensus of the crew, not by the direction of a captain. Our Team Building exercises allow your employees or guests the chance to show off their team spirit while being part of a pirate crew. Based on historical activities, these sessions will not only make your teams more cohesive and productive, but give them something to talk and laugh about for years to come.


This is a great event for any organization. Individuals and teams can participate in a wide range of activities, including such games of luck and skill as the Cannon Ball Toss, Tug o' War, Twisted, Rigging Romp and Dipping Deck. For those with slightly larger budgets we can add in a number of themed inflatable rides that will shiver your guest's timbers.


Your guests will receive a key to our fabulous treasure chest. If they're lucky enough to hold one of the winning keys, they can pillage our treasure chest filled with your own promo items or other valuable prizes. If they draw a clinker key, all they have to do is donate a little more or purchase another product and try again.


We have a complete "Pirate Marriage Kit" that we can present to your guests. They get all the necessary items to conduct a 24-hour marriage, complete with an alimony check and divorce forms. What could be easier? And if our 'reverend' is in the mood, why we'll even perform the bogus ceremony.


Guests are selected at random or invited to grab our washtub and play along for a song. After they're through, we let them autograph the tub, a permanent reminder that this 'rising star' gigged with The Pyrates.


If your event involves an auction, we'll dive right in and help make it a success. We can serve as masters of ceremonies, spotters or "guilters" – cajoling bidders into spending more (using humor of course). Who knows, we may get so caught up in the action that we auction the band off, too! A pirate band can draw a big bid. The last time we auctioned ourselves off, we sold for $500.00, all for charity. Not bad for a bunch of ol' salts.


Well, that's just the tip of the iceberg. What you come up with is limited only by your own imagination. We'll be happy to discuss any event you have in mind.